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Cost of Living in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

The Cost of living in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane can seem quite high compared with costs in your own country, but this is explained by the fact that Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are three of the best cities in the world. An Australian Government survey showed that in terms of total costs of living expenses, living in Australia was less expensive than the USA and UK. Living costs too will vary depending on your location and type of accommodation, and of course by your lifestyle. Some students live close to the city and pay higher rents in shared accommodation, but save on transport costs and they are closer to a lot of café and coffee shop jobs. Other students choose to live further away from the city and pay lower rents, but more for transport.

Here is a quick guide of the cost of living in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane:

Shared Accommodation A$120-500 per week
Loaf of Bread A$3- 4.00
1 Litre of milk A$2-3.00
Dozen (12) eggs A$3.50- 4.50
Instant noodles A$0.60-0.80
BBQ chicken A$8.00-10.00
1 kg of rice A$3-4.00
5 kg of rice A$10-13.00
2 kg sugar A3.00
2 litres cooking oil A$10-12.50
Male Haircuts A$10.00-50.00
Female Haircuts A$20.00-100.00
Movie ticket A$13.00-15.00 (student discount applies)
Restaurant/café meal A$8.00-25.00
Cup of Coffee A$3-4.00
Public Transport per week A$25-50 (Depends on the distances)
Taxi 5 Minutes ride could cost A$5-10
Newspapers A$2.50-3.50


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