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Frequently Asked Questions

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EGI offers its students a quality caring, supporting and friendly learning environment where you will be treated as a person and not just as a student with a student number. We are committed to providing a high-quality education leading to qualifications respected by industry and higher educational institutions. EGI managers, trainers and student services staff work cooperatively as a team to meet your educational and personal needs. Many of our staff and trainers have a strong personal understanding of your life as an international student because they themselves came here as international students themselves. In brief, we understand you, your aspirations, challenges and difficulties, and we work to help you achieve your goals.
The words which best describe our training are: practical, varied, competency-based, personalised and articulated. Practical. EGI courses and training are developed and approved by industry, with a strong emphasis on developing practical can-do understanding and skill. Varied. Classroom-based learning but with a mix of trainer presentations, individual and teamwork on case studies and other exercises, role plays, report preparation, student presentations and excursions. Competency-based EGI courses aim at developing the three key things which can make you a competent professional. The three things are theoretical knowledge and understanding, practical hands-on skills, and the values and attitudes which are required to make you a good professional. Together they make you competent – able to undertake a range of tasks in a knowledgeable, skilful and responsible manner. Personalised We aim to understand you as a person, and to address your needs. Instead of having different trainers for every Unit (subject), you will be allocated to a class with one trainer for your whole course. Your trainer will get to know and understand you and will work with student services staff to provide you with assistance when you need it. We also provide a choice of three timetables to help you mix study and work. Articulated Our courses are designed as either stand-alone or as packages. With Packaged Courses, students progress from one course to another and then onto university study. Most of our students enrol in at least two Courses (Certificate IV and Diploma) or in three Courses (Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma) before progressing to Victoria University or the Asia Pacific International College for their Bachelor Degree study. Both two EGI Course and three EGI Course Packages provide Course Credits in their Bachelor Degree courses. If you successfully complete the EGI three course package ending with the Advanced Diploma Course you will receive more course credits than for a two EGI Course package ending with the Diploma.
Australia is one of the most tolerant and exciting places in the world to live. Around 40% of people in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane were born overseas. So yes, at EGI you will be studying with students from different cultures. It is the Australian way. It is exciting to learn about different people and cultures. Your trainers also come from a number of different cultures and have valuable experience to help guide you in making the positive changes to fit into a rich multicultural society and classroom. But your success depends on your English language knowledge and skills, so ALL classroom activity is in English.
Credit transfer is granted for students who have studied the exact same unit of competency with another RTO. Students should complete the credit transfer request form and provide supporting evidence such as a certificate or statement of attainment. No fee is applicable for credit transfer.
EGI has three Intakes a year and you should leave plenty of time for your application to be processed, to be issued with a Confirmation of Enrolment and, if you are applying from outside Australia, to apply for and receive your Student Visa. If you have to travel to Australia before you start your studies you should also plan to arrive well before your Course Start Date so you can find accommodation, settle in and perhaps start looking for a job. All of this means that if you are applying from outside Australia, you should apply about four (4) months before the Intake Date.
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You can fill in your Application form online and submit all of the required documentation. Most people find it easier to do this with the help of one of EGI’s Registered Agents. For a full guide on how to apply click here for our How to Enrol page. Before you do this you should make sure you read the material on our Prospective Students page. Which provides valuable information about living and studying in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.