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How to Enrol

Step 1: Find a course

Step 2: Check the entry requirements

Find out if you meet both the English and Academic requirements.

Step 3: Complete your application form

Please ensure you complete all relevant sections, and the information is accurate. Attach certified copies of any certificates, academic transcripts or results notices that show you meet the entry requirements of your selected course. Submit your application form and any certified documents online, or to Student Admissions at ECA Graduate Institute.

You can do this the following ways:

Step 4: Receive a Letter of Acceptance/Offer Letter

Successful applicants will receive a letter of acceptance that includes the name and details of the course they have applied for and the details of the course fees. It will also have an attached document that includes all the terms and conditions of enrolment at ECA Graduate Institute, including the refund policy, so it should be read carefully. The letter of acceptance should be signed by the student and returned to ECA Graduate Institute by the above methods with the first payment. Signing the letter of acceptance also indicates that the student has read and accepted all the attached terms and conditions of enrolment.

Step 5: First Payment of Course Fees

The letter of acceptance will include all the payment details. Your first payment should consist of minimum requested tuition fees, an application fee, and compulsory health insurance.

Methods of Payment:

  • Telegraphic Transfer

    Account Name: ECA Graduate Institute Pty Ltd
    Bank Name: HSBC Bank Australia Limited
    Swift Address/Code: HKBAAU2S
    Branch: Exchange Centre Branch
    Bank Address: 28 Bridge Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

  • Automated Clearing House
    (ACH)/Local EFT/Cheques
    (Only for local currency – AUD):

    BSB: 342011
    Account Number - AUD: 536810 001
    Bank Name: HSBC Bank Australia Limited
    Branch: Exchange Centre Branch
    Bank Address: 28 Bridge Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia. (A copy of TT receipt must be sent to the College)
    Bank draft: Payable to the ECA Graduate Institute Pty Ltd.

  • Online Payment

    You can pay online through our secure payment gateway portal with just a few clicks.


Step 6: Receive a Confirmation of Enrolment

Upon receiving your signed letter of acceptance and your first payment, ECA Graduate Institute Pty Ltd will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). You can then take this CoE to any Australian Embassy or Consulate and apply for a student visa.