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Student Handbook

This student handbook is your “must have” guide studying with ECA Graduate Institute. It provides information on ECA Graduate Institute policies and on your opportunities, rights and responsibilities as an ECA Graduate Institute student.

You will find information about the three EGI Campuses (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane), how the college works, information on enrolment procedures, fees and payments, courses, assessment and appeals, student services, classroom and other facilities.

It provides information on how to resolve problems and find assistance with academic and personal questions. It also provides you with essential information on your rights and responsibilities as student visa holders, including your attendance and academic progress requirements and your right to work while studying.

Information on how to behave as a student with ECA Graduate Institute is also provided: the code of conduct for students and for trainers, and the consequences of breaking the code.

Last, you will find information of what to do in the event of a personal or family emergency and crisis, your rights to making an Internal Appeal against decisions made by ECA Graduate Institute and your right to make External Appeal if your internal appeal is rejected.